2020-2021 Opportunities

Panera Bread Fundraising

Thank you for participating in your recent fundraiser at Panera! Our organization brought in 17 transactions with $745.56 in sales, 20% of the sales will be going back to our organization in the amount of $149.11. Every little bit counts.

Coin Drop - October 3rd, 2020

A huge Thank You to our Barre Community for your generosity!

Coin Drop

And a special thank you to our skaters below and/or their families for volunteering during the coin drop:

Phoebe Osadshey Brown - USFS

Lydia Cadorette - Basic 6

Amelia Cameron - USFS

Mia Dolan - USFS

John Gouge - Basic 2

Mariya Gouge - Basic 6

Lia Kiniry - USFS

Sofia Laughlin - USFS

Abigail Viens - USFS